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Vergili Group

  Mr. Mehmet VERGİLİ, who was born in Mesudiye Village of Araç town in 1924, came to Karabuk after his education and started to work in Iron and Steel Factories. Mr. Mehmet VERGİLİ, who was educated basically rolling mill production by the British engineers who founded the factory, served as the first Turkish rolling mill foreman of the factory. Afterwards, Mr. Mehmet VERGİLİ, who left his job at the Iron and Steel factory and established his own business, related in activities in sectors such as machine shop, nail production and lumbering, started to invest in the Iron and Steel Industry in the following years, he established his first rolling mill in Karabük with eight of his friends. He established his activities in the sector  in 1965 along with the rolling mill they started production within Mehmet Vergili general, VERGİLİ brought a second modern facility to Karabük in 1981.

 Mr. Rafet VERGİLİ, who was born in 1959 as the son of one of the leading families of the Turkish Iron and Steel Industry, completed his primary, secondary and high school education at TED Karabük College, then continued his education at Kastamonu Education Institute.

 Mr. Rafet VERGİLİ, who started his career in 1979 at a fairly young age alongside his father Mr. Mehmet VERGİLİ , served as the General Secretary of the Karabük Rolling Employers' Union between 1983-1987. He served as the President of the Karabuk Chamber of Commerce between 1989 and 1992. During the Karabük Chamber of Commerce Presidency, Karabük was included in the priority region for development. Mr. Rafet VERGİLİ was elected as the Mayor of Karabük in the local elections of March 29, 2009, March 30, 2014 and March 31, 2019, and has been serving as the Mayor for three terms.

  Mr. Rafet VERGİLİ, who continued his production activities with the companies he founded in the following period, took its place among the world's reputable companies as VERGİLİ GROUP in the fields of machinery manufacturing and the establishment of turnkey Iron and Steel Plants in a short time. VERGİLİ GROUP, which has already finished the projects of turnkey facilities of iron and steel plants in many countries of the world, especially in Turkey ( İskenderun-Karabük / Kurşunlu-Çankırı / Gebze  / Bartın / Aliağa), Russia, Georgia, Arabia, Lebanon, Iraq, Guinea, Angola, Oman, Algeria, Romania, Iran, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan, is among the leading exporters of Turkey in its field today.

  VERGİLİ GROUP, which is managed by Mr. Rafet VERGİLİ, along with the group companies “Demora”, “Ve-Ca”, “Rana”, “Rolmak Casting” and the first rolling mill rolls maker of Turkey “Silvan Rolls” continues its production and activities in Turkey and all around world. On the other hand our group continues its activities on maritime transport.